At Christmas I was reading some research by Viviane Robinson.  This was conducted in 2009 but I consider it very relevant.  It is about ‘School Leadership and Student Outcomes’ and what works best.  It explores the effect size of leadership initiatives and actions and their impact on student outcomes.  Put simply, an effect size of 0.2 is weak and an effect size of 0.6 or over is an initiative or intervention that is deemed to have significant impact (similar methodology to Hattie.)   As Hattie says ‘It’s not what works because 90% of all interventions are positive….it’s what works BEST.’  Robinson’s work tries to establish leadership foci that have most impact on student outcomes.  In the summary of the best Evidence Synthesis (Summary – School Leadership and Student Outcomes) it clearly states that ‘A strong message from the study was the link between student success and the active participation of school leaders in professional development and learning with their staff.’   In other words……ENGAGE, TALK, SHARE, LEAD, COLLABORATE, IMPROVE.

To encourage active participation and leadership of learning at my school between teachers OR leaders (I would argue they are the same) we are having a ‘TEACHWEEK.’  The main objective of the week is to build up trust and teamwork but mainly to ignite the whole teaching and learning DIALOGUE.  I want us to create a buzz and get everyone participating in improving and developing their practice and committing whole-heartedly to their own professional development.


come on in

Running throughout the week, we have a wonderful team of great staff that have volunteered to ‘open’ their classroom doors to any member of staff that would like to visit when they are free.  It includes senior leaders being observed too!  This was advertised to staff on a timetable pinned up in the library so teachers could select the lessons they would wish to visit.  As a result we have 17 peer observations occurring during the week.  I’m sure there will be more to follow.  I really want to develop informal observations.  I think it was @teachertoolkit that tweeted ‘the best way to improve teaching is to observe and to be observed’ …so true!  I’m sure that staff will find visiting other classrooms beneficial and see how teachers inspire, engage and motivate their students to achieve.  Hopefully there will be lots of cross-pollination between departments.  Equally, those great teachers who have opened their classroom doors are being given the opportunity to lead the way and demonstrate why they are so successful in their classrooms!  Those that have observed can share the strengths seen at their faculty meetings with their departments – another opportunity for teaching and learning leadership.


mattie stepanek

I have to thank @headguruteacher for the inspiration for this – though I think maybe his marketplace sessions run a little differently??

All staff were invited to submit a session they would like to lead during our CPD afternoon on Tuesday.  Nine staff volunteered really useful and informative micro-CPD sessions of twenty minutes on all things teaching and learning – from entrepreneurship to using google effectively, to building students’ confidence for communication.  As with the open door event, the timetable was pinned up in the library and teachers, T.As and pastoral staff chose the sessions they wanted to attend.  It has all been organised now and over 30 CPD sessions will be running throughout the afternoon!   I will be tweeting about this on Tuesday with everything going on from my school account @DVHSTeachLearn.  It looks really good and again, provides opportunities for staff to lead on what they are passionate about.


Throughout the week, pupils will be engaged in teaching and learning activities during form time.  As a school we have not really embraced the ‘growth mindset’ philosophy yet – so it’s time to get the ball rolling, and TEACHWEEK provides the perfect opportunity! We will initially be focusing more on teaching the children about resilience, grit, how the brain works and the qualities of having a growth mindset using some tweaked/adapted resources from the centre for confidence and well being. (http://www.centreforconfidence.co.uk/) – @CfCWB THANK YOU very, very much!


I will be doing the assemblies for the week – my first as Assistant Principal…EEK!  I know I will enjoy it though!  Must remember to read my blog post on how to avoid getting nervous!  https://te4chl3arn.wordpress.com/2015/02/15/getting-on-my-nerves/

I want to promote great attitude to learning as well as developing teaching.   @chrishildrew thanks for the inspiration ‘attitude determines altitude’.  Here’s my prezi link – can be used during form time or in an assembly.    https://prezi.com/ceqobbcyl3dt/nobody-is-born-clever/ Thanks @khanacademy for the video I’m using.

So, they are the main events for the week!  Just about to settle down and put the finishing touches in.  I’m sure it’s going to be really busy, but I hope we will all have a great time and learn loads!  I hope this is the spring of the ‘active participation’ that Viviane Robinson talks about in her study.  The impact is yet to be seen…….watch this space!

Stepping up to SLT

It is going to be an exciting 2015 full of learning curves, highs, lows and experiences. I know some of these experiences will make me feel on top of the world, others will frustrate me massively. Sometimes I will feel like I am really winning and that is what I would prefer to focus on.

I am starting my new role as Assistant Principal with responsibility for teaching and learning. My school has had its ups and downs, with 2 full site changes and 5 different heads in as many years and an academy conversion, but we are on the up. I have to transform the way we teach and the way we view learning. I have already introduced an observation protocol that has ditched grading individual teachers and it seems (at first evaluation) that conversations about teaching and learning are becoming absolutely central to our forward drive. I plan on introducing lots of CPD opportunities for staff to develop their own and others teaching. I also want to make a positive impact on attitudes to learning but in a holistic way, from insisting that pupils bring the correct equipment for learning to developing real strategies for student engagement and many other things that some may see as trivial, like addressing the consumption of energy drinks!  My first main strand for improving teaching will be working with our staff on improving the feedback we give to our pupils.

So much to do! My problem is my impatience and that is something I will really have to work on over the forthcoming term.  I must realise that as well as making important short-term gains, long-term gains take time and real foundation laying to make improvement sustainable and high impact.

I am a little apprehensive about my new role….who wouldn’t be? However, I am more determined than I ever have been in my life to make the difference, to go the extra mile and to make our school a world-class place for learning.

Our journey is going to be tough, but nothing great ever came easily.

I will be updating this blog regularly with initiatives, impacts, my learning curve and anything remotely interesting about my life as an assistant principal. Feedback greatly appreciated!