Stepping up to SLT

It is going to be an exciting 2015 full of learning curves, highs, lows and experiences. I know some of these experiences will make me feel on top of the world, others will frustrate me massively. Sometimes I will feel like I am really winning and that is what I would prefer to focus on.

I am starting my new role as Assistant Principal with responsibility for teaching and learning. My school has had its ups and downs, with 2 full site changes and 5 different heads in as many years and an academy conversion, but we are on the up. I have to transform the way we teach and the way we view learning. I have already introduced an observation protocol that has ditched grading individual teachers and it seems (at first evaluation) that conversations about teaching and learning are becoming absolutely central to our forward drive. I plan on introducing lots of CPD opportunities for staff to develop their own and others teaching. I also want to make a positive impact on attitudes to learning but in a holistic way, from insisting that pupils bring the correct equipment for learning to developing real strategies for student engagement and many other things that some may see as trivial, like addressing the consumption of energy drinks!  My first main strand for improving teaching will be working with our staff on improving the feedback we give to our pupils.

So much to do! My problem is my impatience and that is something I will really have to work on over the forthcoming term.  I must realise that as well as making important short-term gains, long-term gains take time and real foundation laying to make improvement sustainable and high impact.

I am a little apprehensive about my new role….who wouldn’t be? However, I am more determined than I ever have been in my life to make the difference, to go the extra mile and to make our school a world-class place for learning.

Our journey is going to be tough, but nothing great ever came easily.

I will be updating this blog regularly with initiatives, impacts, my learning curve and anything remotely interesting about my life as an assistant principal. Feedback greatly appreciated!

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